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Friday, January 28, 2005

everywhere yet nowhere...

i take dis quote from a frens site:

"What is unique about Third Culture Kids? These mobile children are known as TCKs because they integrate elements of those cultures where they live with their own birth culture into a third, different and distinct, culture (Eakin, 1998; Useem, 1999). Because TCKs have developed a unique culture of their own that incorporates elements of varied cultures, they often feel more at home with other TCKs, with no regard for nationality, rather than those of the passport culture (Storti, 1997). Roa (1995) explains that many TCKs experience cultural marginality in which they do not fit perfectly into any specific culture where they have lived, but on the other hand, fit comfortably on the edge or margin of any one of them. In essence, they feel at home anywhere and nowhere at the same time. TCKs who feel at home anywhere may exhibit constructive marginality in which they feel different from others, but are able to use their differences constructively (Schaetti, 1996). Those who experience encapsulated marginality have a feeling of being trapped or encapsulated by their sense of being different. Therefore, they may feel at home nowhere and might have a sense of falling off the edge of the cultural mainstream (Schaetti, 1996)."

third culture kids: returning to their passport country -

one may think that we belong nowhere.... since we are a mongrel of cultures..... we do not stick to the practices of 1 particular culture but rather take those that we think apply to us better and follow a mixture of them.... but i disagree... i think we are more adaptive to other cultures becos we are used to being in 2 or more worlds..... we are less likely to be affected by culture shock than those exposed to a new environment for a first time.... in my personal opinion i sometimes welcome the change of environment.... its lyk moving house... but on a bigger scale..... of course there are compromises... my social circle of friends in each contry is smaller..... most of my friends are in different countries....... and yes we do not completely immerse ourselves in the culture of that particular country because we mostly interact with other pple who are like us.. well travelled and expatriates... maybe you could consider us of another class compared to the locals..... but as far as possible i try not to think of myself as a higher caste to the others. no... that would be to aristocratic...

so there we are.... people who haf taken e less travelled path... experienced more sights and sounds...... we may not belong anywhere but we strive to adapt EVERYWHERE.... the place we belong to can be summed up by the collection of places we've been in... u may say, " there is no place like home", but wad happens if anywhere could be called home den?


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